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Everyone knows the positive aspects of sport in our lives. It not only increases our well-being, but also strengthens the immune system, heart and circulation. For people with Down Syndrome this of course is also true and in addition it strengthens their ability to concentrate, coordination and strength and of course it is always a matter of having confidence in oneself.


Furthermore, with the nationwide organization "Down Syndrome Gymnastics Germany e.V.", which was founded on 07/08/2019 in Bochum and was registered with the international association "Sports Union for athletes with Down Syndrome" - https://www.su-ds.org since 17/08/2019 and is now recognized as the German representative. We now have the opportunity to organize national championships for apparatus gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics for people with Down Syndrome for the first time in Germany and we also will be authorized to send successful competitors to international competitions and world championships.


Down Syndrome Gymnastics


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